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Early Years Education & Childcare (EYE)

Enjoy a rewarding career.

Welcome to the Level 3 Diploma for Early Years Education and Childcare (Early Years Educator). This comprehensive course is designed to equip learners with the essential knowledge and skills required for a successful career in early years education and childcare.


Throughout this 12-18 month journey, you will delve into a range of critical topics, focusing on children from birth to 7 years, ensuring you are well-prepared to support and nurture their development.


Whether you are stepping into this field for the first time or seeking to enhance your expertise, this qualification paves the way for a fulfilling role in the UK early year workforce.

Course details

The Level 3 Diploma for Early Years Education and Childcare course delves into various essential aspects of early childhood development. It covers the theoretical underpinnings of child development, emphasising the importance of creating a nurturing and stimulating environment for children. Learners will explore topics like child psychology, learning through play, and the impact of early years education on long-term development


Practical skills form a significant part of the curriculum, focusing on effective communication with children, managing their behaviour, and supporting their educational journey. The course also addresses the crucial role of health, safety, and nutrition in early years settings, ensuring that learners are well-equipped to create safe and healthy environments for young children.


This holistic approach to early years education and childcare is designed to prepare learners for real-world challenges and opportunities in this rewarding field.

24/7 support from an experienced assessor

You're partnered with a knowledgeable assessor who will support you throughout your learning journey.

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Choose the format that's right for you. Enjoy the flexibility of digital or the extra personalised nature of in-person training.

Learning style adaptations

Learn how you learn best. We adjust our training courses according to you so you can pass with flying colours.

Career progression advice

Get advice from experts in the sector on how to best achieve your goals. Map out your journey from where you are now.

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