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The journey for every learner is different, so find out how they achieved their goals in their own words.


I started studying my Level 3 in Childcare in October 2020 and I have almost finished less than a year into it. My tutor Stavrina is extremely helpful and supportive and I feel that this is one reason why I progressed so well. The course was very informative and it really helped my understanding of childcare further. The course was easy to follow and it covered all areas of childcare. This qualification will open doors for me as I will become a qualified nursery practitioner. I found that with the support of Stavrina, this course was easy to follow yet very insightful. I highly recommend studying this course with Broaden.


I decided to take the plunge and do the early years advanced practitioner course with Broaden after having not studied for nearly 12 years! My experience of studying after so long was very pleasant as my tutor Stavrina was extremely supportive and helped me through my whole journey. She was always available to answer all my questions and would break down things to help me understand it better. The course itself was very enlightening and gave me a wonderfully deeper understanding of childcare which in turn helped me in my role as a deputy manager. I feel that the course was designed to make it easy to understand and informative. I highly recommend studying through Broaden.


I started working at Friends Forest Nursery and progressed through various stages of career development rising to a Room Leader qualified at level 3, then a Deputy Manager and Forest School teacher. I was then further promoted to Forest School Teacher Trainer for my employer who owned several nurseries. I have also studied the Assessing Award Level 3.


I learnt so much through my journey and I wouldn’t have achieved so much progression in my career without Broaden's support and advice. Broaden walked me through each stage, not only were they available to me at any time I needed reassurance. What makes Broaden different is that from my very first meeting with them to sign up for my Level, my Assessor took time in getting to know me as a person asking me how I preferred to learn, a question I have never been asked before not even by my teachers at school. She gave me options to voice record my answers instead of written assessments, a personal package that gave me ownership to my learning and put me straight at ease.


This was the start of my long-term and professional relationship with Broaden, as I progressed through from teacher to trainer in my Forest School, I was lucky enough to work with the Broaden Assessors on the Unit 5 practical days and I thrived in this environment. Broaden not only progresses their students but helps you to become an effective teacher. They have a positive, can-do attitude which is infectious and your learning journey is so easy and personal to you that you cannot help but succeed.


I studied to become a Level 3 Forest School Leader in the beginning of 2019 with ICP nurseries. I have been running my own forest school sessions with 3 to 4-year-old children since 2017 and have been sharing my own knowledge. I now combine my own knowledge with what I have learnt from the course to create even better sessions. I teach the children about the environment that they are in - about the different trees, leaves and seeds from the trees, plants and their root systems and fungi and how to recognise them according to the seasons.


I teach them about the wildlife from the UK woodlands, including identifying different birds by song and colour. I enjoy inspiring them to look for insects and investigate the world around them, giving them opportunities to experience the natural world and tune into nature. I teach them different skills about how to take care of themselves, how to grow vegetables, build dens, and tie knots, while helping them to understand boundaries and hazards. Most importantly I teach them how to survive, and of course, how to take risks in a responsible way.

My sessions are done outside in all weathers in order for the children to experience the changing sessions. Parents can see the difference in their children. After a year of forest school sessions, they can see they have become more grounded and more confident to be independent young people.


My name is Ornela and I moved to the UK at the end of 2017. I started working in a nursery setting and was interested in studying more about childcare. I started my Level 3 and Level 4 back in 2018 with Broaden. I was excited to build up my knowledge but simultaneously nervous due to the difficulty of the English language as I was from Greece. Stavrina was aware of this and she assured me that she is going to help and guide me.


Throughout my learning journey Stavrina has been very patient and supportive, she has built my confidence especially in the beginning when I thought I couldn’t do it and would not finish either of the qualifications. I started working as a nursery assistant, whilst I was doing my learning and working on my studies, and I progressed to a room leader position. Nearly a year later when I finished both my Level 3 and Level 4, I was working hard to achieve my goals and obtain a senior role. I was promoted to a position of Deputy Manager and 6 months later I became the Manager of the setting.


I am very glad that Stavrina was my tutor because she was clear and concise as well as supportive during my studies.   Stavrina was fair and consistent when she was evaluating my work. Stavrina was always answering my questions and concerns with the intent to help me to understand. I strongly recommend choosing Broaden to be by your training provider of choice and with Stavrina by your side as your assessor you will be successful in your early years qualification.


I began my career as a nursery practitioner in 2018, but it was an anxious time for me as I was worried I wouldn't be able to support my family with my income. Shortly after, I started my Level 3 childcare diploma through Broaden and met my tutor Stavrina. She not only supported me through the diploma, but throughout my career progression into becoming a Deputy Nursery Manager. She helped build up my confidence through times when I thought I had lost my confidence and even offered suggestions of other career alternatives when I thought I was at a dead end.


With a new found hope and clear pathway, I knew what I had to do and felt a drive towards my childcare career again!   I can't thank Stavrina and Broaden enough for the opportunities I have been given. I still speak to Stavrina now and consider her a trustworthy professional who I can seek support and advice from in setting my future targets. 


My experience in childcare was limited when I first started in an early years setting in 2017. However, I took to it like a duck to water. When I was asked by my employer if I would like to start my level 3 childcare qualification, I was a bit apprehensive. I have never been very academic and worried what hurdles I would face. Looking back now I had nothing to worry about.


Stavrina was there for me every step of the way. From needing a question worded differently to me or recording my voice so I didn’t have to physically type every bit of information down, it was no challenge for her. I even had to resit my GCSE maths exam but again there wasn’t any pressure only support. I didn’t pass it first time but the support offered allowed me to successfully pass this the second time around.


Stavrina came into my setting and observed my teaching and the care I provided, which again, gave me a massive confidence boost.  Since finishing my level 3 and being awarded a distinction I have had 2 job promotions. I am now the baby room lead and acting deputy for my early years setting.   I can’t thank Stavrina and Broaden for the opportunities they have now lead me to and I’m looking forward to what the future will hold. 

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