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Forest School training in Norfolk

Inspire children to tune into nature and experience the joys of the natural world.

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Forest School is an innovative educational approach to outdoor play and learning. Its philosophy is to encourage and inspire children of all ages through positive outdoor experiences. It is a way of learning that offers everyone opportunities to achieve and develop confidence and self-esteem through hands-on learning in the woodland or natural environment.

One of the most important and rewarding roles of a Forest School Leader is the ability to provide support for the social and emotional development of children, in particular those combatting low self-esteem.

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About the Forest School course

We provide the Level 3 Forest School Leader qualification which consists of five mandatory units, two of which are predominantly the theory behind Forest School, its background and how it links to the Early Years Foundation Stage. Through these courses, you will understand the Forest School Ethos, develop practical outdoor skills and be able to assist or deliver Forest School programmes.


As part of the training we promote reflective practice for self-development and deeper learning, therefore the remaining units consist of planning and delivering six Forest School sessions and demonstrating the candidates competency skills. Learners are provided with practical skills training where they are given the opportunity to learn about the key elements of delivering Forest School specifically to early years children and how to manage the site of your forest school, which includes the use of tools, den-building, knot-tying and making fires safely to cook. This practical training can be arranged in groups or on a one to one basis.

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24/7 support from an experienced assessor

You're partnered with a knowledgeable assessor who will support you throughout your learning journey.

Bespoke training online or face-to-face

Choose the format that's right for you. Enjoy the flexibility of digital or the extra personalised nature of in-person training.

Learning style adaptations

Learn how you learn best. We adjust our training courses according to you so you can pass with flying colours.

Career progression advice

Get advice from experts in the sector on how to best achieve your goals. Map out your journey from where you are now.

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Popular natural settings in Norfolk

The ethos behind Forest School is that any natural setting can provide an opportunity for children to grow in confidence, explore risk-taking, and develop a curiosity for wildlife. It doesn't matter whether you live in a city or in a rural village; small parks, large nature reserves and even your doorstep can provide the foundation for positive experiences. With that in mind, here we list some of the most popular natural settings in Norfolk where you can use the skills you learn during your Forest School training.

Broads National Park

A great site to explore the city of Norfolk, the Broads National Park features huge blue skies with endless horizons and amazing landscapes. The Broads is a line of seven navigable rivers and lakes that are man-made and were created as a result of flooding of peat workings. The area is home to various birdlife, including mallard, moorhen, and grey leg goose, and among insect species are Norfolk hawker, dragonfly, and swallowtail butterfly.

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Sheringham Park

Sheringham Park is where children can either follow marked paths or head off down any of them to make their own route for an adventure. A visit in the time of autumn can help children spot and identify 16 different mushrooms and fungi across various habitats at the park. The hedgerows at Sheringham Park grow out berries, and the spiders weave their webs to offer lots to explore for children to promote love and curiosity for nature.

Holkham National Nature Reserve

Rich in mudflats and saltmarsh, the Holkham National Nature Reserve is England’s largest national reserve that allows visitors to picture the Norfolk coastline in a scenic way. The foreshore at Holkham is special for sea watching and beachcombing, featuring birds with long beaks such as curlews and oystercatchers. Early years children can spot small insects like worms and mussel larvae. The reserve grows three kinds of pines, including Corsican, Maritime, and Scots.

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