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We offer this award at three different levels: the Level 3 Award, Level 4 Certificate, and Level 5 Diploma in Education and Training. These courses are designed for different levels of teaching experience and have varying durations and credit requirements. They are aimed at individuals ranging from those new to teaching to those with extensive teaching or training responsibilities.


The courses include both mandatory and optional units and involve various assessment methods, including workbook completion, discussions, observations, and assignments. Entry requirements vary by level, with higher levels requiring more teaching practice and specific certifications. The courses are accredited and include costs for assessment, registration, certification, and resources.

Course details

The Level 3 Award in Education and Training is designed as an introductory course for those new to teaching. It focuses on the fundamental aspects of lesson planning, delivering teaching sessions, and assessing students. Participants will learn the basics of effective teaching strategies and classroom management, fostering a supportive environment for skill development.

The Level 4 Certificate goes deeper, targeting teachers who wish to enhance their understanding of educational theories and practices. This course covers a range of advanced teaching methodologies, emphasizing inclusive teaching strategies and effective classroom management. It's an ideal choice for those looking to expand their teaching repertoire and understanding of diverse learning needs.

For experienced educators, the Level 5 Diploma offers a comprehensive exploration of advanced teaching techniques. This course delves into intricate aspects of curriculum design, assessment methods, and educational leadership. It's tailored for those aiming to refine their teaching skills and take on more significant educational responsibilities.

24/7 support from an experienced assessor

You're partnered with a knowledgeable assessor who will support you throughout your learning journey.

Bespoke training online or face-to-face

Choose the format that's right for you. Enjoy the flexibility of digital or the extra personalised nature of in-person training.

Learning style adaptations

Learn how you learn best. We adjust our training courses according to you so you can pass with flying colours.

Career progression advice

Get advice from experts in the sector on how to best achieve your goals. Map out your journey from where you are now.

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