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Awarding Body NCFE Rebrands: What Does This Mean For Broaden?

To kickstart your career and continue your ongoing professional development, Broaden provides training solutions in the early years childcare and educational sectors. The early years training programme equips learners with the necessary skills and knowledge and disseminates research-based information to keep you updated about the regularly changing practices in professional childcare development.

To ensure compliance with the standards of educational provision, Broaden is registered with NCFE and uses the qualifications and training criteria provided by them. NCFE (Northern Council for Further Education) is the third largest vocational and technical education charity in the UK, with an educational and collaborative experience spanning more than 170 years. The organisation combines expert collaborators from all over the country to deliver smart solutions for learning that facilitate starters and mid-career professionals in their career pursuits.

Quite recently, NCFE has rebranded itself to better expand their role as an educational leader in vocational and technical learning. But what does this mean for people who want to pursue a career in early years training, and how does Broaden benefit from this relaunch?

Find out more about this rebrand below.

Why is NCFE Rebranding?

NCFE rebranded on 30th September 2021 with a brand new concept, vision, and logo. The reason for this rebrand and relaunch is to better reflect the organisation’s role as an educational charity and leader in vocational and technical learning. This will help promote and advance the end-to-end offering and programmes for learners, educators, and institutions so that they can access better delivery and assessment options in one place.

While promoting a new vision for better education and training, NCFE brings together all the qualifications, resources, and specialist knowledge from the brands associated with the organisation to enable training providers with better options for knowledge transfer and evaluation, all in one place.

NCFE has also encompassed the qualifications provided by brands such as CACHE, Skills Forward, and EPA under its banner to facilitate learners with up-to-date courses and train them to the highest standards. CACHE qualifications cover the following content:

  1. Early years and childcare

  2. Education and training

  3. Health and science

  4. Social care

How Does this Rebrand Reflect Broaden’s Vision?

By promoting a newer and better concept of providing training and education, Broaden will benefit from NCFE’s progressive new approach that responds to gaps that exist across the education and training sector. To achieve this, Broaden, together with NCFE, aims to nurture insight and collaboration to build innovative solutions that empower learners to make the best possible choices about their professional careers.

Following a comprehensive approach towards education provision, Broaden aims to make existing training courses more accessible for early years practitioners. The accredited courses offered by Broaden include

● Early Years and Childcare Training (Level 2 to 5)

● Education and Training (Level 3 to 5)

● Supporting Teaching and Learning (STL) Level 3

How will Broaden Benefit from NCFE’s Relaunch?

NCFE’s rebrand doesn’t change its association with other training bodies that offer e-learning childcare courses and other courses across the many different sectors NCFE covers in the UK. NCFE has reassured each educational body, including Broaden, that they will keep all the things they love, and retain the existing quality products, expertise, leadership, and points of contact for the registered entities.

Broaden thinks that the relaunch will enable them to continue advocating for better training, education, and development for learners and practitioners. The organisation will benefit from NCFE’s exceptional service as they move towards an all-inclusive approach. Moreover, there will be no changes to practical matters such as the centre numbers associated with each sector.


With NCFE’s rebrand, prospective and current childcare practitioners are now able to access all the qualifications and courses provided by the associated educational bodies on one platform. This will provide easy access to quality learning for those who have already taken courses on Broaden and wish to continue their professional training by taking other gold-standard qualifications.

All the courses can be accessed on Broaden’s website and NCFE’s dedicated qualifications platform QualHub. Join the community today and explore a wealth of useful and sector-specific courses that will benefit you in progressing your career as a childcare professional. For more information, contact Stavrina at

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